Beyond Words

“Some of my friends claim that there’s more to this poem than what meets the eye. I wonder why. I mean, I was pretty direct and plain with my words.  Dimension in another dimension? “

It is what it is. Right? 

Dear sleep,

It’s no news that we’re in a relationship,

A profoundly mutual relationship,

Maybe a situationship?

Remember how we started as childhood buddies and have been together all through time and time till time will come and pass by us…

We seem to care about each other so much that we always give in to each other’s requests…

Actually, you never give in to my requests,

When I need you most of all you run away like you’ll never come back,

You take your time in tending to my needs,

Sometimes I feel underdosed by you. I just need to know you’ll be there when I need you most of all,

And not for you to be appalled by my very needs,

When I don’t need you at all,

You’re all up in my face trying to get me to do your will,

I wish I could resist you sometimes!

You get me overdosed most times,

You get me drowning in your very aura,

I can’t have my way with you can I?

I try to use other distractions to get you off my radar,

But never,

It’s so hard to remember, the last time I could control you,

Coffee, feet in water, music and so much more seem to be on your side…

When they ought to be on the opposite of your side,

I thought they were your enemies till you made them friends,

Close friends at that!

Sleep, as I write this, I can feel you trying to stop this,

Bringing your hands over my eyes,

Trying to get me to go to bed even as I type this…

I feel like we ought to just break up but we can’t cause I can’t imagine life without you.

So I’ll spend my life enjoying our refreshing moments together and finding ways to control you.

                                              The simple one,


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