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Sticky Note: Episode 2

  Episode 2 “JANET!” Pheya yelled from her sleep. “I will smash this your phone o.” she continued, eyes still shut. It was 7am that Saturday, barely an hour after they returned from their all-night academic affairs. Janet’s fingers crawled to reach the phone. Her ring tone had never irritated her like it was. Her… Continue reading Sticky Note: Episode 2

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“My Life As A Sales Girl During A Pandemic” – 1

7:01am My alarm rang twice. Quite annoyingly actually. Who knew that it'll be very hard to wake up and do something tangible with my life. I barely slept through the night because of a twitter hob. Even now, I'm still scrolling through twitter noting all the bullies that passed through medical school about 6 years… Continue reading “My Life As A Sales Girl During A Pandemic” – 1